Lisa Fresa has been providing hair color and cutting services for me for several years. Her relentless perfectionism makes for a perfect cut and color every time. Not only is Lisa extremely proficient at her craft but equally impressive is her commitment to provide world-class service,  such as tips to easily manage your hair. She has everlasting working relationships with all of her customers. Every time I see Lisa she provides a luxurious spa experience each and every time.  She is truly the best in Arizona!  

Kim R

Lisa Fresa is not "just a hair stylist"she is a color visionary and transformation artist. Lisa has mastered her craft and uses her highly trained talent with her sharp eye to transform her clients hair... I have been lucky enough to have her styling my hair for the last 5 years and in utter awe of her talent and beautiful spirit.

Sage Aubrey

You have made me look fabulous since I was 14! 13 years of being my go-to! I love that I can walk in and say do what you want and I'm never disappointed ! You are beautiful on the inside and it shines to the outside and you are super talented! Magical hands I swear!

Dominique S.

Lisa is the best in the business! I have been going to see her for over ten years now and has managed to continue to exceed my expectations with providing new looks, beautiful color, amazing style and it is always an excellent experience from the time I arrive till the time I leave. I always receive compliments and am glad to credit Lisa for looking my best. I have referred others to her an every single person has become a client because they are taken back by her talent and see how gifted she is in what she does. From extensions, to color, to styles and up-dos I have experienced each of these with Lisa and am grateful to have found her as I can only hope that she will be my stylist for life.

Victoria Strubbe

The solar system must have been in perfect order the day I was fortunate enough to meet Lisa Palacios.  I was attending a rather fancy event that night and found out in the morning that my hairdresser hadn’t shown up for work.  I had a blowout scheduled for that day and was disappointed to think I’d be dressed to the nines that night with my old standard blowout compliments of me.  As luck would have it, a receptionist at Sachi found an opening on Lisa’s schedule that afternoon and promised me I’d be happy with my blowout.  To say I was happy is a huge understatement, Lisa made me look beautiful that day and has every time I’ve seen her for the past nine years!  I used to hairstylist hop, but not anymore.  Lisa is not only amazing at what she does, but she is an artist as well.  I think you can probably go to school to learn how to cut hair, but to be a standout in your profession you need to have innate talent, which Lisa has many times over.  She is known and respected by her peers for her superior grasp of color, her unparalleled extensions work, and haircuts that garner compliments no matter where you are.  All this talent on top of being one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet.  As I said the solar system was aligned that day...

Jane Z.